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Reflection of Radha Krishna through Folk Music – Aldgate Square Festival

Saturday 16 June 2018 at 12 Noon

Aldgate Square, 85 Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1LH

Run by the City Mayor of London, Radharaman Society will present, as part of the Aldgate Square Festival, a post-modern interpretation of transcendental love and the pain of separation between Indian mythical Goddess Radha and God Krishna through a solo session of visceral Folk music of Bengal.


Ahmed Kaysher, a poet and an impassioned folk singer, the one who brought Bengali Rural musical theatre (Bengali Opera/ Folk Ballad/ a unique story-telling through folk music in a stunning theatrical setting) called Pala Gaan in the West, will lead this unique session with a group of talented musicians and performers.


Pala Gaan: Rohim Badsha & Rupban: The story of a Bengali Oedipus

Fri, 20 Jul 2018, 19:00 – Sun, 22 Jul 2018, 21:00 BST

The Space Theatre, 269 Westferry Rd, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3RS

A rare and exotic presentation of Bengali ancient rural theatre incorporating captivating myths, fairy-tales, visceral folk music and dazzling dance in a stunning theatrical setting. This ancient Bengali opera tells the story of Rahim, a young boy, who is destined to be married to an older girl Rupban in order to avoid a fatal curse.



Inspired by the Greek story of Oedipus this beautiful Bengali folk ballad explores the conflict between free-will and fatalism, combining traditional Western storytelling with the captivating melodies of Bengali folk music. A performance guaranteed to transport you to a rural village of Bengal, to lie beneath its traditional storytelling spot; a Banyan tree draped in hundreds of lanterns.
The story is adapted and directed by T M Ahmed Kaysher

Please contact 07828190551 for more detail on the event.

Show detail:

20/07/2018 at 7pm to 9pm

21/07/2018 at 7pm to 9pm

22/07/2018 at 7pm to 9pm


For ticket. please visit the following link:

RadhaRaman Folk Festival 2018:

The grand annual, free for all, festival of folk music is returning to Leeds for eighth year  31 August, 1 & 2 September 2018 featuring whole-day and whole night performances by Bengali, non-Bengali folk performers along with the combination of folk & classical, folk music of different cultural traditions, profound panel discussion. The festival features the best folk performers of Britain along with a few celebrated performers from Bangladesh.

Immerse yourself in the mystery of the lyrical landscapes of the North through the haunting melody of Bengali folk music and glowing folk dance in exciting venues that include at the top of the hill of the Otley Chevin Forest, Swinsty lakes/ Water Park etc.

Enjoy and adventurise your monotonous day-to-day life with a network of art and music loving people around the country in all-day and all-night long performances by the best of Britain.

The event is supported by Leeds City Council and Bradford Council.

Full Event Content is to be announced soon.

Recently Past Events:

Ghazal Thumri and Kheyal Festival 

17, 18 and 19 March 2017


Binonder Kiccha or The story of Gallinulte Hunter at Nehru Centre on 31st March

Baul and Vaishnav Music Festival on 21st April at Rich Mix and 30th April at Rich Mix.


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The events I attend & promote:


Baul & Vaishnav Music Festival:

A two day festival happening on 26 and 27 March 2016 in East London featuring the ecsrtasy of the heart-arresting, unmarred melody that evolved from the soil of Bengal. RadhaRaman Leaflet

26 March 2016 at 6pm

Kobi Nazrul  Centre, 30 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR

The ecstatic performances of Baul & Vaishnav music by local Baul groups and individual performers along with the brief discussion on these two major philosophical movement of Indian sub-continent that evolved from Hindu and Muslim (Sufi) faith and had shaken the music, literature, art of the whole region.

27 March 2016 at 7pm

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

Performances of Baul and Vaishnav music by the renowned group of dedicated singers of these genres from different towns of this country.


Ghazal, Thumri and Kheyal Festival:

A unique and exotic three day festival that offers hypnotic performances of the extremely musically exuberant, magical and enrapturing genres of Pan-Indian (India as a sub-continent) classical and highly popular semi-classical music. The festival features few leading classical musicians that include Smt Monorama Prasad, Chandra Chakraborty, Roopa Panesar , Smt Sanhita Nandi, Sanju Sahai etc. The festival happens on 5, 12 & 13 March 2015. ghazal leaflet.jpg Performance on 05/03/2016 at Rayens Park Library (23 Approach Rd, London SW20 8BA) Performance on 12/03/2016 at Morden assembly Hall, Tudor Drive, Morden, SM4 4PJ Performance on 13/03/16: Rich Mix (35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA)     Third Bangla Music Festival in London featuring the best Bengali singers in UK:

image This unique three-day festival, returning  to London, mainly in Tower Hamlets for the third time, showcases the evolution of Bangla Music and its spectacular latitude through mind blowing performances with relevant translation wherever necessary by best Bengali singers from Indian and Bangladeshi origin. image This is a free event for all, supported by event fund of Tower Hamlets Council.image Singers include leading classical vocalists Chandra Chakraborty, Chiranjib Chakraborty, critically acclaimed guest classical singer from Kolkata Anol Chatterjee, prominent Tagore singers Imtiaz Ahmed, Sanjoy Dey, Sahana Bajpae, celebrated semi classical vocalists Sumana Mallik Basu, Gouri Chowdhury, Farzana Sifat, Sayan Gupta, Amith Dey and others. Renowned keyboard player Kiran Thakrar, one of the emerging Tabla players from Kolkata Chiranjit Mukherjee and young percussionst Paps Das will accompany the singers to orchestrate a sublime flow of music all the way through. image The festival will start with a brief workshop on Bangla Music at Montefiore Centre in Brick Lane on 25th September at 1pm. Then Keats House Museum will host the crest of Bangla Music -Tagore recital, on the same day at 6.30pm, -with the profoundly relevant poems of Keats that Nobel Lauriate Rabindranath Tagore was hugely influenced by. Kobi Nazrul Centre will host a highly interactive session of music and discussion by the local audience and artists on 26th September at 6.30pm. The session will feature few talented children artists and group performance by Robika and Satyen Sen School of Arts. Then, on 27th September,-the last day of the festival, Rich Mix will host the chronologic evolution of Bangla Music and its spectacular latitude through mind blowing performances. image It will feature the whole spectrum of Bangla Music from Chorja-Pod (730 AD), folk (RadhaRamon, Lalon, Hason Raja etc), Kirton, Toppa, Poncho-Kobi to Bengali contemporary modern songs (Salil, Akhilbandhu Jotilessor, Manna dey, Sochin, Manobendro, Shyamal, Hemanta and other doyens of Bangla Gaan). The door will open at 12noon and will finish at 7pm. Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music (, -‘one of the leading Indian classical music promoters of this country’ (BBC Radio, Bangla Mirror) and the organisation which is in a journey to ‘exploring new forms and a Western Gharana of Indian classical music’ is the organiser of the festival; supported by London Borough of Tower Hamlets. image Saudha, delving into the seamless amalgamation of different arts with Indian classical music to develop a new way of performance called ‘Western Gharana’, – is in a campaign for creating new audience in the West by engaging ordinary, non-technical global audience into the hypnotic journey of music. After couple of critically acclaimed performances in Southbank, Saudha is set to visit Royal Albert Hall, Southbank, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and other big cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool with its two major touring events called Melody of Love and Shadows, Threnody of the Crucifix.

World Poetry and Indian Classical Music Festival in Leeds featuring UK’s three best Indian-classical musicians:

image A two-day festival of world poetry and Indian classical music, returns to Leeds for third time on 9 and 10 October 2015 following couple of workshops in local community venues. Three top-notch Indian classical musicians of this country coming to Leeds to perform in the festival. imageThe event showcases artistically exuberant, ‘hypnotic performances’ (Wimboledon Guardian) of Indian classical music (both vocal and instrumental). Along with solo recital of Sitar and violin, an experimental performance called Raagmala brings together the theraputic vocal and instrumental classical music, haunting verses of tradional poetry from Lorca, Keats, Hafiz and Tagore as well as visually dazzling form of dance called Kathak. All of the other forms of art are seamlessly incorporated to the music in a way that the combination can profoundly complement, explain or intensify the mood, meaning and artistic ambiguity of Indian classical music. image Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music (, – ‘one fo the leading Inian classical music promoters of this country’ (BBC Radio, Bangla Mirror) and the organisation which is in journey to ‘exploring new forms and a Western Gharana of Indian classical music’ is the organiser of the festival; supported by Leeds Inspired of Council’s art fund.. image First day of the feastival presents poetry recitaion by local prominent poets with live, adjusting music in background from 7pm at Harehills Bangladeshi Community Centre. Second day, happening at Seven Arts Centre in Chapel Allerton, features one of the finest Indian classical vocalists Chandra Chakraborty , the leading violinist Kamalbir Singh, the best female sitarist of this country Roopa Panesar, critically acclaimed Tabla player Bhupinder Singh Chaggar and one of the emerging young Tabla star Himanish Goswami, actor and impassioned reciter Erik Schelander etc. image Saudha, mainly delving into the seamless amalgamation of different arts with Indian classical music to develop a new way of performance called ‘Western Gharana’, – is in a campaign for creating new audience in the West by engaging ordinary, non-technical global audience into the hypnotic journey of music. After couple of cricytically acclaimed performances in Southbank, one of the prestigious and major art venue of the country, Saudha is set to visit Royal Albert Hall, Southbank, Edinbourgh Fringe Festival and other big cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool with its two major touring events called ‘Melody of Love and Shadows’, ‘ Thr

Sound of Solitude (Part of Alchemy at Southbank) On May 20, 2015 at 6.30pm in Southbank Centre, London. alchemy The event, as part of the Alchemy at Southbank Centre, offers a hypnotic glimpse of violin-solo by one of the leading violinists Kamalbir Nandra and Kheyal recital by Dr Priya Bhagwat, a very emerging classical singer and an advance disciple of Chandra Chakraborty. Both of the performances will be accompanied by the critically acclaimed Tabla player Yousuf Ali Khan. A short piece of piano composition by Niloy Amin and Greek as well as English poetry recitation by Despina Christodoulou are set to interpret the mood of the classical music. The event will be compered by T M Ahmed Kaysher, the director of Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music. The event will start at 6.30pm and finsh by 8pm. ভাইবে রাধারমণ বলে: Bengali Folk Music and Dance (Part of Alchemy at Southbank) 25 May, 2015 at 6.30pm in Southbank Centre, London. 11188329_1575662632704442_7510188949094445110_n This event will showcase  visceral Bengali folk songs and a spectacular traditional form of Bengali group folk-dance called Dhamail. The concert features a brief introduction on Bengali folk music by poet T M Ahmed Kaysher and the music by young and talented singers Sayan Gupta, Amith Dey as well as Dhamail dance by Sohel Ahmed, Ishita Bhattachariya, Shoi Pa, Sreema Nandini Gupta etc. Raga Sphere with R D Barman Saturday 13 June, 2015 at 6pm at Bhavan A notable and a very eminent Indian classical vocalist  Chiranjib Chakraborty and his group accompanied by UK’s finest Asian band The 5.1.5 Crew is presenting the unique blend of R.D Burman’s all time favourite melodies with Indian classical music.. 10606354_10152833681532153_4970314164178398643_n Vaishnavism thorough Bengali folk music and dance (নিমাই গীতি ও বৈষ্ণব সঙ্গীত ): The event is happening at Rich Mix London 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road,, E1 6LA London on 19 July  2015 from 12 noon to 5pm. Nimai Geeti RadhaRaman Society presents this spectacular event of Nimaigeeti and Vaishnav Sangeet that offers Bengali heart-perforating folk music and colourful folk dance which will collectively and connotatively expose as well as exude one of the influential Theo-philosophical movements in Indian subcontinent called Vaishnavism. Through the folk music, traditional Dhamail dance and brief discussion, the philosophy of Sri Chaitanya (1486 – 1534) who pioneered a new meaning into Vaishnavism, Indian spirituality and mysticism – will be unfolded with a beam of new lights on. The event is set to bring the magnificence of Bengali  folk music as a serious art form; to connect and communicate diverse audiences from different cultural background through mechanising seamless interpretation, for non-Bengali audience, wherever it is appropriate. The event features prominent Bengali folk singers that include Himangshu Goswami, Gouri Chowdhury, Hashi Rani, Porosh Moni, Amith Dey etc and Bharathanatyam artist Ishita Bhattachariya, Dhamail artist Sohel Ahmed with a group of folk dancers. Past Events Raag Bahar: A classical music evening with Chandra Chakraborty The event is happened at the music room, Rear of 203 Preston Road, Wembley, London, HA9 8NF on 18/04/2015.

Entirely enthralled by such a sacred and matured singing of you, Chandra Chakraborty, last night. I was literally spellbound while I was listening to some of your own composed Thumri, specially the one on Raag Misra Pilu. You truly have established your own Gayoki through both grammatical purity and the additional ornaments that you aptly and stupendously knot with the composition and most importantly your unique voice-through. Please let me also assure you one little thing if you allow my audacity that a classical music listener doesn’t want to see the extent of melody a singer has in her voice (what we probably expect from Lata ji while singing light music); we would like to see the power, intricacies, style, uniqueness of voice-through and the capability of interpreting the mood, temper and colour of raga in musical language. You excelled these areas in such a big way. Head-bowing salute to you and your Gurus for making my whole rest of the evening in constantly echoing melody. Moreover, I appreciate young Rhubarb player Safaqat Simab for his noticeable way of playing Raga Bhupali too.

Rahmat Simab ji, what a nice and celestial ambiance you created in your place. The music room will soon be a centre-point of pan-Indian music in North London, I am sure. Huge dedication, passion and creative approach to promote music can lead somebody to build such an idyllic venue for classical music. It was wonderful to meet Sami Hashmi ji, Adeel Siddique ji, Bhiram Jasani ji, Sarada Basu , Huma Price and most importantly Mehram Singh , a dedicated man into quality music and a store of beautiful ideas. Photo credit goes to Pushpita Gupta . 11149257_10153216929752156_7915487861416950794_n

Chandra Chakraborty is one of the finest and an accomplished musical personality in the arena of North-Indian Classical Music. She is an astonishingly talented vocalist (both classical and semi classical) with an overwhelming gifted melody in her voice.

She is the one among few who actively delved into the experiment of widening the latitude of Indian classical music and creation of new audience across the globe through her pioneering musical activities with Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music. Her mesmerizing tonal tranquility beguiles the audiences as immediately as she starts with the beginning note;  takes them to another plane of surreal world over the remote horizon. She, as if, weaves a breathtaking metaphysical tapestry in her voice while she sings any Thumri Dadra or other form of music. She is already recognised as ‘The queen of Thumri’ by some of the all-time best Indian clasical music giants including Pandit Ravi Shankar. Chandra is a true-maverick in her style of singing and amplifies her brilliant art of hypnotism by very structured ascending (aroho) , descending (aboroho) following very astute and stylist execution of the full range, tempo and the mood  of each musical note. She indeed, keeps your all auditory muscle deeply engaged while you are listening to her (We can refer Nitchey’s very famous quotation ‘we listen to music with our muscle’). She, in fact, creates purely profound waves of serene tonal silence that is brilliantly sedative, lenitive, remedial for spiritual maladies and gives the audience an opportunity to find out the coolest solace for the burning hearts.   Event at Bhavan on 28/03/2015 10409189_10153159201677156_7810708688191066678_n I was simply mesmerised by Sanhita Nandi ji’s beautiful sense of proportion in her exceptional, purely original form of Alap, very stylist Gamak, authentic and uninfected singing-style being purely loyal to original way of Kirana Gharana and the art of portraying sagacious intensity of colours of Ragas as well as the way of proliferating the heart-connecting emotions and spirituality into the meditative and magnetic waves of sound she created all the way through with her unique and powerful husky voice. Had a wonderful evening on last Saturday at Bhavan. Thanks Vidya Subramaniam and Tagore singer Imtiaz Ahmed, two disciples of Sanhita Nandi ji -for making this event come true. Event at Leeds Music College 07/03/2015 11043219_10153103074172156_3795326396315065997_o10847463_10153103075007156_1902797903331737028_o I came back home with the serene and soulful experience of witnessing her beautiful performance and then Interviewing her, -Roopa Panesar, the best female Sitarist of this country on behalf of Eastern Media and Arts Network (EMAAN) TV after a beautiful performance by herself and renowned Tabla virtuoso Bhupinder Sing Chaggar as part of the celebration of women in music event by SAA UK at Leeds College of Music. Roopa, in my experience, is a very prudent musician in devising the perfect ratio of both portraying emotions and showcasing the techniques and technicalities – all the way through her playing. She plays almost in between to let you feel cry and to make you burst into tears loudly all of a sudden. Bhupinder was accompanying so aptly to weave that fine-line of emotion, sometimes through intensifying the mood as somebody was putting salt on fresh-flesh which is being brutally bladed; and sometimes just complementing the melody of Sitar as to make a divine resonance. What I also liked is the way she seemed to be tenacious to the purity and subtlety of Indian classical music as one of the supreme level of art form and the way she connected spirituality and souls to her music . A stylist virtuoso of Sitar on her way down to ambassador the treasure and splendour of Pan-Indian art form in the West. Looking forward to witness her own distinguishable styles and compositions very soon which will create a luminous way for others to follow.

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