On Kaysher


Reading poetry at Leeds Central Library

T M Ahmed Kaysher is a poet, fiction-writer, film and literature critic as well as the director of Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music (www.saudha.org), one of the leading Indian classical as well as global music promoters in UK. Both his poetry and prose are critically acclaimed for his new approach of weaving and new style of narrative.  Apart from writing and promoting Indian classical music in the West, Kaysher’s contribution to the world music is significant, too,  for his pioneering role of introducing Bengali Folk Music in the world-stage through hosting world-class events and festivals in major mainstream venues as well as adapting, directing, performing and promoting Bengali opera for global audiences. He is now entirely devoted in adaptation, direction, re-construction of  myths, ritual, fables through new production of Bengali rural theatre (Opera/ Ballad) for global audience along with his ongoing  film-writing and directing projects. With few other film enthusiasts, he led a film movement at Shah Jalal University and founded an organisation called Chokh Film Society in mid ’90s. Kaysher co-edited an experimental literary publication called Paradigm in early ’90s, too.

Kaysher has been curating many major festivals all around the UK e.g. Baul and Vaishnav Music Festival, Ghazal Thumri and Kheyal Festival, Bangla Music Festival, RadhaRaman Folk Festival, International Dance Festival, The Gronthee International Poetry Festival etc.

He is the key organiser of RadhaRaman Festival, (www.radharamanleeds.wordpress.com), the largest Bengali cultural event in the North.

Graduated in Chemical Engineering at Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh and post-graduated in management at University of Bedfordshire in UK,  Kaysher now works for local government in library and information services.

He performs his own poetry both Bengali and English in major literature and poetry events around UK.

Relevant you tube links:





Cross-section of the audience at Queen Mary University, London


Reading my poems at the Queen Mary University, London.



Two full page interview featured in Yorkshire Evening Post regarding our production THE CLASS CONFLICT:


Interview with BBC Bangla:


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